Worth knowing

Your crossing

Whether by car, by bike or simply on foot. Here you will find all the important information about crossing with our ferries so that you can enjoy a pleasant crossing.

Crossing by car

Would you like to take your car to the island? Let's go - the crossing by car on one of our ferries is completely hassle-free and well organised. All you have to do is be ready to load at the pier 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the ship!
We have summarised all the important information for the car crossing in our practical flyer.

Flyer for the car crossing


In order to ensure a smooth loading process for cyclists, we ask you to be at the jetty at least 15 minutes before departure. For stowage reasons, bicycles must be leant against each other during the crossing. To protect your bike, we recommend protecting sensitive parts with a towel or cloth. Please note that the shipping company accepts no liability for damage to your bicycle in accordance with the ABB.

On foot on board

Whether you are travelling by train, car, on foot or by bike, you can conveniently buy a ticket online. If you are boarding in Dagebüll, you can conveniently scan this ticket yourself at the access control for most departures and board barrier-free with your luggage via the side entrance. If you are travelling without side boarding, please show your ticket to our control staff. When travelling by train, the ticket can be purchased as far as Föhr or Amrum. We have summarised all the information for you in our flyer.

Flyer for crossing as a pedestrian