Safely to your destination

Transport of general cargo
to the Halligen

As a supply company for the Halligen Hooge and Langeneß islands, we naturally also ensure the safe transport of general cargo and bulky goods. The prices are based on the weight of the goods, any special services and charges are calculated separately.

The detailed rates of the Hallig lines for general cargo (in euros) can be found in the price list for each weight class. The prices are valid from 1 October 2022 and refer to a single journey on the Hallig Line.

up to 10 kg
[single journey]
up to 20 kg
[single journey]
up to 30 kg
[single journey]
up to 40 kg
[single journey]
up to 50 kg
[single journey]
up to 60 kg
[single journey]
up to 70 kg
[single journey]
up to 80 kg
[single journey]
up to 90 kg
[single journey]
up to 100 kg
[single journey]
from 100 kg, 10 kg each
[single journey]
0,14 /kg
Fringe benefits
  • Stacker fees: € 5.00 per packing unit/pallet
  • Counting fee: € 0.60 per packaging unit, from the 11th package
    (shipments up to 10 packages without counting fee)
  • Storage fee: € 10.00 from the 2nd day after receipt of consignment
Calculation of freight charges for bulky goods:

Bulky goods are goods weighing less than 150 kg per m³. For bulky goods, the freight calculation is based on a weight of 1.5 kg per 0.01 m³ or part thereof. The volumetric weight is calculated according to the formula

Length (m) x width (m) x height (m) = volume (m³) x 150 kg = chargeable weight

  • Port of Schlüttsiel: € 0.02 quay fee (net)*.
  • Harbour Halligen: 0,02 € quay fee (net)*

*per 10 kg quoted