Our top priority

Safety on our ferries

Not only regular customers know this: We transport our passengers and freight reliably, sustainably and, above all, safely to their destination on our island and Hallig ferries and excursion services. Safety and environmental protection are part of our system.

We introduced a safety management system in accordance with the standards of the ISM Code back in 1997. This set of rules was adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 1994 to improve safety in global shipping and to systematise the implementation of safety standards on merchant ships.

System documentation

A core element is the so-called system documentation, which is available on all ships and in all shore departments. Among other things, it regulates

  • The induction of new crew members
  • Frequency and content of safety drills
  • Handling of a normal ferry crossing
  • Behaviour in emergency situations
Control is better:
Internal and external audits

The W.D.R. inspectors regularly carry out internal ISM audits on all ships and in the shore departments. They ensure that all employees are familiar with the safety and environmental requirements and that there are no deficiencies in ship operations.

They also enable us to make our own suggestions for improvement. In addition to the audits, all captains prepare their own report as part of the management system, in which they assess the functionality of the system and make suggestions for further development.

As part of regular external audits, the Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr ensures that W.D.R. correctly implements the now legally binding requirements of the ISM Code. It certifies this by issuing a corresponding certificate.