On course for the island

Enjoy your time on board

Let your gaze wander over the Wadden Sea. Feel the wind. Breathe in the sea air. Ride relaxed over the waves. A ferry trip with the W.D.R. is a real pleasure!


Of course, we will be happy to take care of the convenient transport of your suitcase and other items of luggage. If you don't want them to stay in the car or are travelling without a car, you can leave your bags and other luggage on special racks or under the seats in the lounge.

Decks and lounges

The panoramic windows in our salons at the bow and stern of the newer ships offer you a breathtaking view of the Wadden Sea. Simply lean back in the comfortable armchairs and let the impressions sink in. You are sure to quickly find a nice spot in the bright saloon - whether you want to relax, eat, work, play or socialise.

Sun deck

The best place for many passengers - especially in the summer months - is of course our sun deck. Look forward to the North Sea air blowing around your nose!

Children's area

Our younger guests can pass the journey time in our children's area. There is not only a large ball pool, but also plenty of space to play and a film corner, so the ride will fly by!