For urgent matters

The ExpressBox from the W.D.R.

For urgent island transport on all sections of the Föhr-Amrum Line, you can purchase an ExpressBox for transport. We offer this service for both private individuals and companies - because sometimes time is of the essence.

The box is suitable, for example, for
  • The room key you accidentally took with you
  • The urgently needed small spare part
  • Important documents and papers

... and many other things that weigh less than 10 kg and do not exceed the internal dimensions of the box (336 x 242 x 140 mm).

1. the purchase

The ExpressBox is available during normal opening hours at the W.D.R. counters in Wyk on Föhr, Wittdün on Amrum and in Dagebüll for a standardised 25 euros. In addition to the ExpressBox, the price includes the ExpressBox card, a shipping bag and a consignment note for shipping goods on all sections of the Föhr-Amrum Line. The ExpressBox can also be purchased in advance. However, the date of transport must already be specified.

2. packing

The ExpressBox is very easy to handle thanks to an easy-to-assemble folding kit. Simply unfold it and pack the item to be shipped inside. The weight must not exceed ten kilograms. The transported goods must be packed securely and shockproof, especially fragile items.

5. the consignment note

The name of the recipient, the name and full address and a telephone number of the sender must be stated on the accompanying label for the ExpressBox. In addition, the card number from the control section of the express goods card must be transferred to the consignment note.

4. sealing

The packed ExpressBox is then securely sealed with the enclosed adhesive flap. Finally, the envelope is glued to the top of the box. The ExpressBox label is then inserted into this.

5. delivery

The ExpressBox is handed directly to the helmsman of the corresponding W.D.R. ferry in the port of departure. This takes place in the so-called "helmsman's cabin" directly at the ferry bridge, where there is a pictogram "ExpressBox drop-off / pick-up" for orientation. The helmsman scans the express goods card prior to despatch.

6. inform the recipient

The sender informs the recipient of the ExpressBox of the name of the ship and the estimated time of arrival at the port of destination - and very importantly: the last four digits of the ExpressBox card number. These are required as proof of the authorised collection of the ExpressBox.

7 Receipt

When the ship arrives, the recipient of the ExpressBox reports to the "helmsman's cabin" in the port of destination. Here too, the same pictogram "ExpressBox delivery / collection" is used for orientation. To hand over the box, the recipient now states his full name and the last four digits of the card number for cross-checking purposes - and, if they match, takes delivery of the ExpressBox. He confirms this by signing the accompanying slip, which the helmsman then retains.

Further information on ordering, prices and dispatch can be found in our flyer:

Info-Flyer ExpressBox