Barrier-free crossing

Comfort and accessibility for
all passengers

Naturally, people with reduced mobility can also use our ferries. All our passengers should enjoy the journey without restrictions - a standard that we have set ourselves as a modern island provider and which we always want to fulfil.

Barrier-free access on the Föhr-Amrum line

When planning the two double-ended ferries "Schleswig-Holstein" and "Uthlande", special consideration was given to people with limited mobility from the outset. What's more, W.D.R. had its new generation of ships voluntarily tested back in 2014 as part of the "Travel for All" project. As part of an extensive audit, it was assessed whether the "Schleswig-Holstein" and the "Uthlande" are really suitable for people with walking disabilities and wheelchair users. The result: all areas used by customers and guests fulfil the quality criteria 'partially barrier-free for people with walking disabilities'. The car deck, the dining area on the saloon deck and the sun deck even fulfil the quality criteria 'barrier-free for people in wheelchairs'."

Special attention was also paid to accessibility on W.D.R.'s newest ship, M/S Norderaue, which has been in service on the Föhr-Amrum line since May 2018. The necessary criteria were taken into account from the outset when designing the ship.

Only the M/S Nordfriesland, which was built at a time when not as much attention was paid to accessibility as it is today, has a limitation in terms of accessibility. Unfortunately, the sun deck is not barrier-free for people with walking disabilities.

Barrier-free access on the Hallig Line

The "Hilligenlei" is in operation on the Hallig Line. The "Hilligenlei" was also built at a time when accessibility did not yet enjoy the status it rightly enjoys today. Accessibility is not guaranteed here to the same extent as on the new double-ended ferries. Due to its year of construction and special design, the "Hilligenlei" only has limited accessibility. Unfortunately, the saloon and sun deck are not barrier-free. The sanitary facilities are located on the vehicle deck (main deck).

Nevertheless, the W.D.R. can welcome guests with reduced mobility on board the "Hilligenlei" with a clear conscience.

Important notes

At peak times on the ferries, there may be a narrow congestion of cars on the car decks, e.g. for wheelchair users. The staff on site will try to allocate you a suitable car parking space after a brief notification.

Of course, all our passengers can also rely on assistance in an emergency. It is important to remain calm and follow the instructions of the crew. The handling of our diverse guests is precisely regulated by the shipping company's internal
safety management system and the crews are trained accordingly.

If you have any questions, our service staff on land and on board will always be happy to answer them - just ask!

So literally nothing stands in the way of a safe and comfortable journey to the islands and Halligen!